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Just 1 day to go before the Eurotour Holland starts. On Friday for the Early Birds you can visit Zaansche Schans in Zaanstad before the festivities start. To see the nice Dutch Windmills and cosy wooden houses. You can also buy typically Dutch items, like wooden shoes and cheese. Most of the shops, Windmills and houses are open for the public between 9:00h AM – 5:00h PM. 

Please note that it can be quite busy as it is high season, visiting the Zaanse Schans is free of charge, though the Parking isn’t, that will cost €11 per car. Ride from Zaanse Schans to the hotel is about 20 minutes if you drive direct to the hotel, but the Eurotour Holland Team will be on site at the Zaansche Schans from 14:00h on Friday. You can get a very nice scenic route to the hotel from them. Look for the GCCC flagMore info on de Zaanse Schans :

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